viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012


Banda de Bosnia, solo dejaron un demo.
Sonido sucio y agresivo, directo a la madraca y sin rodeos.

The Holocaust- Demo 1987

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  1. Hello,this demo was recorded in 1989 not 87`.I hame this demo cassete.Megera (Serbia)-Iza Nas Lp 1992 behind us,you have to put in the Downloads?
    Thank you and cheers,greetings from Bosnia and herzegovina!

    1. Hey man, thanks for the info, i'll update that information right now, and if you can send us that Full Lenght it will be awesome, you can send us whatever you want to our mail... "" And Thanks for visit us.. have a good day

  2. Hello,thank you for answer me,visit my blog Bayonet Massacre.
    just music from the area ex- Yugoslavia.You cas see the front cover Armageddon-Holocaust cassete.
    Lived and everi good of ARLLY from Mostar city ,Bosnia i Hercegovina !